Kickstarter: Survey Replacement
We will update this page as people ask questions. Especially the FAQ at the bottom.

Super Fast Version

Detailed Version

Why are you doing this?

Advantages of what we're doing now:
  • This will eliminate data entry / data correction bottleneck issues. Which means we will be able to deliver a couple of weeks faster than we would otherwise!
  • You can now update your shipping information yourself, at any time.
  • You can now update your order yourself, at any time.
  • This means that your information is as current and accurate as possible.
We promise that all future Kickstarter stuff will not be anywhere near as complicated as this has been.
We really are sorry it's been a hassle for some people.

Remember that "upstart startup" bit -- we are new! But we have learned a lot, and promise we won't repeat the mistakes we made this time around.
In the future, we should have an all-new set of mistakes to make!

If you already upped your pledge, you only need to do Section A.

Section A --- The replacement for the Kickstarter Survey!

Summary: You're going to place a free order at that matches your Kickstarter pledge.

  • The order is free.
  • No credit card information is required. (Unless, of course, you want to up your pledge --- see section B if you want to up your pledge.)
  • If something goes wrong, you just delete your order and make a new one!
  • Everyone who bought 10 or more tiles automatically gets all stretch goal rewards.
    • "Voting" was just to see which stretch goal rewards were unlocked first. In the end it didn't matter because you guys unlocked all rewards. So voting is over, and irrelevant. The number of votes you have will only matter for the number of tiles you get--see the chart just below, in Step 1.
  • You are only telling us about the tiles you bought during the Kickstarter. For upping your pledge, see section B below.

Step 1: Go to and make an order that matches your Kickstarter pledge.

Just pick out all the tiles you want for your pledge (that you already paid for).
Don't try to combine this with upping your pledge! (That's covered in section B, below.)

Remember how many you pledged for!
If you pledged... ...then you pick out this many tiles for this step Tile Breakdown:
11 10 pledge, +1 stretch goal tile
$55 21 20 pledge, +1 stretch goal tile
$75 31 30 pledge, +1 stretch goal tile
$95 41 40 pledge, +1 stretch goal tile
$115 52 50 pledge, +2 stretch goal tiles
$225 103 100 pledge, +3 stretch goal tiles

All tiles count as whole tiles. (2 half hexes = 2 tiles; 4 quartersquares = 4 tiles; magnets and cuts are not free to us!)

There were a few Add-Ons as well -here's a reminder! (click to expand, click anywhere else to close)
AddOn Benefit "Over-Pledge" Cost Prerequisite(s)
Sigil of Friendship GNL team signs one of your tiles $2 You had to have bought tiles already.
Just Enough 5 more tiles to ANY order $15 You had to have bought tiles already.
American Perfect Tessellation 10 more tiles $23 You had to ship to somewhere within the United States
You had to have bought at least 100 tiles.
Universal Perfect Tessellation 10 more tiles $25 You had to be EITHER:

  • An International backer who ordered at least 40 tiles

  • or
  • An American backer who ordered at least 50 tiles.

Step 2: At the cart (just before checkout), use both of these two coupon codes:



  • You have to enter & apply each coupon code separately.
    • (But they go in the same box.)
  • You have to type each code exactly (use the underscore _ in between the words -- copy & paste the code above if you have trouble)
  • If you use both of those codes, your order will be free, and you will not have to enter any payment information.
  • The "fix_shipping" code allows for a "free 7-day ground" shipping option which otherwise never exists. And thus, free shipping. That's how that coupon works.
Remember, it's easy to correct any mistakes by just cancelling and re-making your order.

Step 3: At the checkout page, in the "Order Comments" section, you need to tell us your Kickstarter info:

Just like this, please, with the numbers on different lines:

1) Your Kickstarter user name:
2) Your Kickstarter email:
3) Anything else we should know about you / your order / life in general:

This way we can look up your Kickstarter info and verify that you already paid.
Free orders that don't have this information, or have wrong information, will be cancelled when they are noticed.

"Ground shipping" must always be selected --- that's what the fix_shipping coupon does: allow for that option to exist. Even if you are international, select "Ground Shipping," because that's what will make the order free.


  • You can update or change your shipping information at any time without deleting your order.
  • You cannot edit comments once your order has been submitted. If you need to correct it, just cancel your order and start again.
  • If you got the wrong number of tiles, or something went wrong in the Order Comments, or any other problem like that...just cancel your order and make a new one!
  • To cancel an order:
    • Go to Order Status (link)
    • Click the yellow "View or Change Order" button to the right of the order you want to cancel
    • Click the yellow text that says "Need to change quantities or edit an item?"
    • Set the quantity of every item to 0 (zero) and click the yellow "Save Changes" button
    • Click the yellow "Continue" button to confirm that you are, in fact, cancelling the order.
    • Your order is cancelled!

Section B --- Upping your Pledge!

Summary: You make a preorder on, and we adjust your shipping costs afterward.

If you already upped your pledge, you can ignore all this!
Everyone needs to do Section A, if they were a Kickstarter backer. The original KS order you already paid for; that's why it's free.
Upping your pledge DOES require payment information. BackerKit and everyone else would ask for that stuff, too, just so ya know.

PledgeUp Step 1: Make a new order at

Just use the website to look at the different kinds of tiles you want, and add 'em to your cart!

Don't try to combine this order with your Kickstarter pledge (which you already paid for).

PledgeUp Step 2: At the checkout page, in the "Order Comments" section, you need to tell us your Kickstarter info:

Just like this, please, with the numbers on different lines:

1) Your Kickstarter user name:
2) Your Kickstarter email:

This way we know you're a Kickstarter pledger, rather than someone new who is preordering.

PledgeUp Step 3: Wait!

You're actually done! Just wait to see the benefit; we have to manually adjust shipping for the PledgeUp after the order is made.

Nobody who pledged during the Kickstarter will pay full price for shipping. We will adjust the shipping costs based on how much it actually costs us to ship it. We won't gouge anyone; that would be a jerk move. But shipping's never free, and we didn't overcharge people on tiles to have shipping costs wrapped up in tile costs.

If you ordered a hundred tiles and are upping your pledge by one tile, you're probably not going to pay any extra shipping.
But if you originally pledged for one tile, and are upping your pledge by a hundred tiles, you're going to pay for the difference in shipping. It's not free to ship 10 lbs.

TL;DR --- You cannot 'game the system' when it comes to shipping. And we will treat you fairly.

One of these two things will happen:

  • If you pay with a credit card, we just charge you less for shipping when the time comes to actually charge you.
  • If you pay with any other method (including a debit card), we give you store credit for the amount you WOULD have gotten back if you had used a credit card.
We will put all your stuff into one shipment, and you save on shipping proportionally.
Both results save an equal amount of money. It's just that one of them gives you store credit. And it's not like you don't plan to eventually buy more stuff from us anyway, right? :D


  1. What about colors?
    • Color guide here (link)
    • The "Parchment" color will be the same as a traditional roll-out mat. The hex mats in our videos are "Desert Yellow."
    • All colors except black & white have a slight textured appearance (not actual texture, it's printed on there).
    • Colors look different in person, and on every monitor. We really couldn't figure a way around this. Sorry! Light emits from a screen (like a flashlight), but reflects off a surface (like a mat).
    • The grid lines are all shades of gray, except MultiGrid. It will have different (but still muted) colors. If they were all the exact same color, it wouldn't be nearly as useful!
  2. What about half hexes and quarter squares?
    • All tiles count as whole tiles. 2 half hexes = 2 tiles, 4 quarter squares = 4 tiles. Magnets and cuts aren't free to us, and so all tiles count as whole tiles.
  3. What happened to the estimation graphics?
  4. What about shipping methods?
    • If you are doing Section A (fixing your Kickstarter pledge), just choose whatever is free. Make sure to use the coupon code!
    • If you are doing Section B (upping your pledge), the options you see are the options the USPS sees.
  5. Wouldn't it have been the same (or cheaper) to buy these off the site?
    • Nope. Shipping is never free in the real world. Some people say "Free shipping!" but just wrap that into the markup. We don't do that. Ah, the joys and perils of transparency! :)
  6. I already upped my pledge! What now?
    • All you need to do now is do Section A! That's how we know what tiles to give you for your original pledge.