About GameNightLife
obligatory self-aggrandizing blurb

We're just a small group of gamers who want to make gaming more awesome for everyone.

We have a couple of basic principles that guide us:

  1. Treat others the way we want to be treated.
  2. It's better to have a good reputation than to have an extra dollar.

We think that if more people do this, then more people will wind up having better lives. And having more awesome game nights. :)

If you need to ask us a question, just shoot an email to GameNightLife@gmail.com.

We try to keep up on those emails, but sometimes we miss them. If we don't respond, it's not because we've suddenly decided to be passive-aggressive. It's because we either didn't see your message, or we had a long thought process in our response and then got distracted by dinner or a squirrel or something. Send it again if ya want! We're working on getting a better email system in place so nobody has to do that.